Friday, 17 Oct 2008

Here's my stab at a weekly update r.e what's going on.

Google Calendar

I've created and shared a "QBO Events" calendar on Google Calendar.  You should all be able to see this on your google calendar under "My Calendars".  The intent is to let everyone know generally what's up; things like Saxon UAT testing, and I threw in the upcoming hardware delivery to our ISPs.

The mission of this calendar is to keep everyone information about significant things that you may not be directly involved with.  If you need to set up an actual meeting, please just use your own calendar, and invite the appropriate people (it will then show up on their calendars as well).

QBO Tip: application setting qbo.Events.{TableName}

Each QBO module is capable of interfacing with the Event module.  However, if there are no sync events defined for a module, and the module is heavily used (e.g. CreditLiability), one can configured a module to NOT process events.  For example, if a system imports 100 credit reports per day, with an average of 50 credit liabilities per report, the pEventQueueList SP is executed 5000 times.  The following setting would reduce this to zero:
  • qbo.Events.CreditLiability = "Off"
  • Sales pitch to Roosevelt Management Company (part of Axon) in NYC went well.  They're a NAD-type of company with $1B in funding, that is considering QBO as a loss mit wrapper, servicer oversights, and portfolio due diligence pool.  Small world: they are former Morgan Stanley (Saxon) people, and know EXACTLY where Quandis stands with both Saxon and Penny Mac.  And yet they like us :-)

  • Several clients are interested in using Quandis for REO, including ORT and EP.  Heavy integration with existing REO systems (RealTrans, RealityTrac?) would be required.  More scope to come from them.
  • DB bloat: Hyperbac is now being used on Taurus for DB backups, and is achieving a pretty good compression rate, and much faster backup times.