AWS High Availability

Notes from the AWS bootcamp on high availability:
  • Cloud formation scripts creation of server farms
    • configured with multiple instances, with a min/max of web servers available that are auto-launched
  • Windows instances can be bootstrapped extensively, including with Powershell scripts
    • can apply Windows updates?
  • Windows 2008 core AMIs are available
Storage notes:
  • EC2 instance storage can be SSD, no network and thus good for temp db; included in instance price
  • Attachment/UploadChunk to S3 for load balancing?
  • SQL backups to S3: transport mechanism? (Cloudberry offers a solution)
Elasticache for dropdowns / templates? thoughts
  • multi-connection strings per website?
  • how to choose to provision dbs to different SQL instances (RDS?)
  • dynamo db web sessions? For XSLTs!?!?  For configuration?!? 64kb item size limit
  • Queue Service => SNS => auto scale app tier boxes
  • multiple NAT instances
  • ApproxNumberOfMessagesVisible => CloudWatch to launch more app servers
  • Can extend visibility timeout
  • CloudWatch: create an alarm that executes an auto-scaling option

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