ETL caching sink
Xslt loader
All configuration loading
Cache operation output (manually mark as cache-able, or auto-detect and configure based on instrumentation)
  • cache key pattern that includes converting dictionary to query string?
  • do we need an app id that all instances for, say, SLS, use to prefix the cached items?
SNS integrated: let the application know that cache nodes have increased or decreased
  • need a generic app reconfigure construct
  • or node auto-discovery in Java or PHP
Monitoring and alerts: integrated with CloudWatch
  • hits, misses, 
  • memory usage: not a useful metric since the cache will typically consume as much memory as it can
  • evictions: more useful; indicates a need for more space / new node(s)
  • AWS recommends specific metrics to monitor

  • consistent hashing: use a library that figures out hashing for you
  • advanced data types
  • atomic operations
  • single threaded
  • persistance
  • read replicas

For logging sink, check out Kinetic.

Disaster Recovery
  • lower bandwith with replication vs backups
  • backups to S3 with storage gateway or Cloudberry (or QBO)
  • minimal db instance for pilot light;