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Heartbeat Config - Updated to use Core/CoreWeb

posted Oct 19, 2011, 12:54 PM by Greg Kent   [ updated Oct 19, 2011, 1:00 PM ]
As a result of qbo.Heartbeat.dll being included in qbo.Core and put in the GAC, there is some confusion around how to configure heartbeat. Heartbeat has a stand-alone solution outside of Core/CoreWeb but since qbo.Heartbeat.dll is put in the GAC, qbo.Heartbeat.dll needs to be referenced from Core and CoreWeb.

To configure a site to use heartbeat, the configuration only needs to utilize Core and CoreWeb.

  • Modify Heartbeat.config
    • Replace top level node in Heartbeat.config with the value below. This ensures the HearbeatConfig from the GAC is being instantiated
<HeartbeatConfig type="qbo.Heartbeat.HeartbeatConfig, qbo.Heartbeat">


<HeartbeatConfig type="qbo.Heartbeat.HeartbeatConfig, qbo.Heartbeat, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=2062e6b5d5159047">

  • Ensure ApplicationWeb/HearbeatService.asmx is being invoked by support. Support will invoke HearbeatService.asmx from a virtual directory on a given site that is configured to use BASIC authentication. For most QBO sites, this is the <WebsiteRoot>/Service folder. Ensure:
    • qbo.ApplicationWeb.dll resides in <WebsiteRoot>/Service/bin
    • Application/HearbeatService.asmx resides in resides in <WebsiteRoot>/Service OR a virtual directory to <Source>/Application is mapped under <WebsiteRoot>/Service
  • At this point, Heartbeat is configured for the application. The application owner must decide which heartbeat plug-ins to implement for a given application. The plug-ins dlls are part of the Heartbeat stand-alone solution.