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Password Resets and Emails

posted Mar 31, 2011, 6:41 AM by Eric Patrick
The qbo.Security module's PasswordReset.aspx page allows users to request password resets via email. By default, the from address used by these emails is '', and the page displays a support email address that defaults to ''.  These email addresses can and should be overridden by the following application settings:
  • qbo.Security.PasswordReset.FromAddress
  • qbo.Security.SupportEmail
From Design > Configuration > App Settings, ensure these entries exist, and their value is specific to a client (e.g.,, or more generically, {client}

Some of our clients have help desks that field account maintenance, including ETS, Saxon, and DTA. In these cases, the qbo.Security.PasswordReset.FromAddress should be an email address for this help desk, rather that a address.

Note that the /Templates/Security contains relevant XSLTs that can be customized from client to client as needed:
  • License.Accept.xslt: this controls what is displayed when a user must accept the terms of a license agreement upon login
  • LoginError.xslt: this controls what is displayed when there is a login error; one could include a client's help desk phone number here
  • PasswordResetEmail.xslt: this controls the email sent upon a password reset request, including the from address and reply-to address
  • RegisterEmail.xslt: controls the email sent upon registration
  • Header.xslt: displays information at the top of the Login.aspx page
    • the URL for this XSLT must be defined in an app setting 'qbo.LoginHeader', e.g. qbo.LoginHeader = '/Templates/Security/Header.xslt'
    • this XSLT may be used to validate browser compliance before login