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QDS 2.0 Core Branch / Tagging Build Procedures

posted Jun 18, 2013, 11:49 AM by Greg Kent   [ updated Jun 18, 2013, 11:50 AM ]
The following outlines the steps required to branch, tag and build for QDS 2.0 Core Deployments.

Create Branch From Trunk

·         Browse to

·         Right Click on qbo.Service (root for Service) -> TortoiseSVN->Branch/Tag…

·         To Path: /Branches/Services/{CurrentBranch} (Eg. 1.00

o   Add Message Eg. Branching 1.00

o   Keep default Settings “HEAD”

Download Branch Locally

·         Ensure you have a parent checkout folder that matches branch name

·         In target folder, Right Click -> SVN Checkout

·         At this point the project(s) can be built

Create Tag

·         Right click in branch root outside of a folder TortoiseSVN->Branch/Tag…

·         To Path: /Tags/services/{Branch}{RevisionNumber} Eg. /Tags/Services/1.01.00

o   Add Message Eg. Tagging 1.01.00 for release

o   Ensure HEAD revision is selected

Download Tag

·         Ensure /Tags/Services/{TagNumber} exists in file system. Eg. E:\Projects\Tags\Services\1.00.00

·         Ensure Export Directory contains project folder name. Eg. E:\Projects\Tags\Services\1.00.00\qbo.ServiceWeb

·         Right click TortoiseSVN->Export

o   Export specific projects:

o   qbo.Service.Core

o   qbo.Service.CoreWeb

o   qbo.ServiceWeb

Build From Tag

·         Build qbo.Service.Core.Setup in qbo.Service.Core

·         Build qbo.Setup.ServiceWeb in qbo.Service.CoreWeb