Power User Guide

Power users are business analysts trained to use QBO to implement business requirements. The skill set for a power user should roughly be comparable to an "Excel power user". If you are comfortable using advanced Excel formulas (e.g. vlookup), pivot tables and such, you should be able to transfer those mental models to QBO fairly readily.  That said, the range of skills required for a power user can vary widely:
  • Document experts should know Word, merge fields, and data well
  • Workflow experts really should know their business domain exceptionally well,
  • Scoring experts should be Excel gurus
  • Matrix experts should be good at if/then logic games
  • Query experts must know SQL
  • Plugin developers should know C#, XML, SOAP
  • Custom UI developers should know XSLT, SQL, JSON, and AJAX
To dive into QBO, we recommend gaining an understanding of the method signatures which underlie everything in QBO, including getting data into and out of the system, workflows, and more.  It's always best to start with simple configuration exercises like user management, tasks and documentsAs your comfort level increases, consider diving into all of the QBO components:
Testing and troubleshooting tips: