QBO3 Test Plan

This page is intended to walk users through end-to-end testing prior to releasing any changes to the client.
  1. Run Test Specs
    1. Navigate to Design >> Specifications
    2. Select each item one at a time from the left navigation pane, and await the results.  Where multiple items exist, flyouts will be presented, each item in the flyout will need to be selected
    3. Review the results of the specs and notify the primary developer of the system of any failures
  2. Test Attachment Uploads
    1. The following is a list of objects that allow Attachment/Document uploads.  Each section's functionality varies, for instructions on how to upload an Attachment/Document in a specific section, refer to the system's User Guide
      1. Attachment Panel (located on every object in the system, i.e. Loan, Organization, Foreclosure, etc, only one needs to be tested, as all Attachment Panels use the same underlying code)
      2. Tasks (ImportForms)
      3. Messages
      4. Holds (DecisionDelays)
      5. Licenses (located in the Organization Summary page)
Additional manual testing to be added as it is identified.