AWS and TinyProxy

posted Feb 17, 2018, 4:27 PM by Eric Patrick
AWS EC2 instances can be used as proxy servers. To start a proxy server:
  1. From the AWS EC2 Dashboard, select AMIs
  2. From the TinyProxy AMI, right click and choose Launch
  3. Select the General Purpose t2.micro instance
  4. Configuration instance details:
    • Network: choose a VPC (PlayGround2 recommended)
    • Subnet: choose any subnet
    • Auto-assign Public IP: choose 'Enable'
    • choose Review and Launch
  5. Review Instance Launch
    • Edit Security Groups, and choose the Launch Wizard 11 security group
    • Edit Tags, and add a tag: Description = Proxy (just to make it easy to find from the EC2 search bar)
    • Choose Launch
From the EC2 Security Groups panel:
  • Find the launch-wizard-11 group
  • From the Inbound tab, Edit the rules
  • Add a "Custom TCP Rule", port 8888, source the IP address of the machine that needs to use the proxy server
  • Save
From the EC2 Instances panel:
  • Search for 'proxy'
  • For any new instances, click on the instance, and see it's Public IP address
  • Use this public IP address as a proxy server from Windows, HttpWebRequest, or any code that enables a custom proxy.

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