Heartbeat - Plugin Deployment

Manual Installation of Plugin assembly infrastructure on client machines.

1)Setting up WMI

  •        copy over files
  •        open command prompt as admin
  •        run this command - installutil HeartbeatWindowsServiceHost.exe

 2) Setting up heartbeat

  •        make sure to set up credential.config for new target machine on support site

 3) enable winrm

    winrm create winrm/config/Listener?Address=*+Transport=HTTPS @{Port="8808" ;Hostname="*.quandis.net" ;CertificateThumbprint="5a 1d d5 b3 5b 91 05 3d 98 55 37 20 d9 66 d4 4e 58 87 0f e0"} 
    winrm create winrm/config/Listener?Address=*+Transport=HTTPS @{Port="8808" ;Hostname="WMSvc-IP-0A482E1E" ;CertificateThumbprint="d6 d7 09 70 18 b6 8e 0d 3c d5 28 7c fd 93 24 17 b4 6d 95 9c"} 

** Note sometimes that port is in use, so all try 443

The purpose of configuring WinRM for HTTPS is to encrypt the data being sent across the wire.

WinRM HTTPS requires a local computer "Server Authentication" certificate with a CN matching the hostname, that is not expired, revoked, or self-signed to be installed.

To install or view certificates for the local computer:

- click Start, run, MMC, "File" menu, "Add or Remove Snap-ins" select "Certificates" and click "Add".  Go through the wizard selecting "Computer account". 

4) modify the host entry so that the machine can post back to support       awalkerPilot.com


In case a listener needs to be deleted:

winrm delete winrm/config/Listener?Address=*+Transport=HTTPS

Wizard Installation on client machines (TO DO)

1.  Install HeartbeatWCFServiceLibrary MSI

a.       Sets up HeartbeatService windows service and WCF config file

b.      uses secured netTcp binding: need to ensure “standard” NT account exists that support will use to invoke WCF service

c.       uses HTTP.sys to listen on the network. This driver is meant to listen http traffic and dispatch based on the URL to processes : multiple processes can  listen HTTP traffic on the same port. The HTTP Server API enables applications to communicate over HTTP without using Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS)

2.       Install dialog will allow the user to determine which category(s) of heartbeats will be reported on this machine. E.g.

a.       Machine - disk space, running processes etc

b.      SQL – Database health, jobs, log space etc

c.       Web – queue state, ability to access data stores etc                       

d.      App Server

If the category is Web then information will be needed so that application pools can be created by the heartbeat reporter class that allows the heartbeat system to invoke operations on a web site.

3.       Machine name and IP will be submitted to Support site to register as a new end point for heartbeat reports