SLS - QBO 3.05 Release Notes

List of items scheduled for release with 3.05 for SLS

Auditing Harness
The Auditing functionality as described here:


Adding functionality to ImportFormQuestions
The Import Form Questions module, with the underlying ImportForm.Library.xslt, provides a richer series of options, including:
Input area (one-line textbox) supporting plain text, date, int, numeric, percent, phone, SSN and zip code
textarea (multi-line textbox)
radio buttons
document upload
section header
primary panel (1 column)
primary panel (2 column)
panel collection
panel (1 column)
panel (2 column)
Additionally, layout, dependency, and required behaviors can be enforced via a point-and-click GUI.
QBO calendar queue - letter delivery per Calendar
The Queue Service now supports data-driven schedules (Design > Config > Schedule), which can have holiday calendars associated with them.  This means that queues can be configured to not run on holidays.
Also covered by the Queue Service 2 link below.
Queueing 2.0
Covered in depth here:
CredCo iService
The Contact.config file has been extended to include an IService plugin to invoke credit reports via Credco.  Last updated by Aaron, this is on hold pending “the business”.



·         The following items may be included in 3.05 or they may release prior to 3.05 deployment.  It depends on SLS’ need for them before 3.05 has been fully tested and approved.


Referral Checklist
Update DS- FCL Referral Review workflow to account for updates requested.


Webservice for NPV

The SLS vendor gateway IService plugin has been extended to support calls to the SLS NPV web service.


Prepayment API

API to query for Prepayment values, then store in QBO for future reference.  Will create “PrePay Data” FORM to display result.