QBO3: Main Menu - Search

posted May 28, 2014, 11:09 AM by Kevin Cassidy   [ updated May 28, 2014, 1:18 PM ]
The QBO3 main menu search parameters can be manipulated with the "MainMenu" xslt template call found on all QBO 3 pages.  The xslt template lives in Theme.Core.xslt, and can be overwritten in a site specific Theme.xslt.

  • Object - Object in to perform a search operation on.  Leaving this parameter empty will disable the search text box.
    • Default is empty
  • Url - Xslt file which will render the search options that apply to the specified Object.
    • Default is "Templates/Application/Abstract.Filter.xslt&Table={$Object}"
  • SearchEvent - api event to raise; panels may listen for this event. This works with the ObjectBind behavior to connect filters to other panels.
    • Default is "search"
  • TargetMethod -  Listener options, for use with ObjectBind.
    • Default is "SmartSearch"
  • Transform - Xslt file in which to render the serach results that apply to the specified Object.
    • Default is the {Object}.Search.xslt file
  • SearchPrompt - Placeholder text to appear in the search text box when there is no value present.
    • Default is "Search"
  • SearchResults - Passes a boolean parameter to the Url xslt file to control rendering a search listener.
    • Default is "true" when on a "Home" page and "false" otherwise