Holiday Import

Imports Calendar Holidays using Web Cal calendar data. Registers Holidays with description and HolidayInstance records based on future Holiday dates.

Standard Usage

There are three types of Holiday Imports configured:
  • US Flag Days
  • Holidays
  • Christian Holidays
US Flag Days appears to import the most realistically used holidays from a business context. We recommend configuring a test Calendar and importing the Holidays into this Calendar to see what is imported. You can then observe what Holidays are imported and remove any unneeded Holidays or manually register additional Holidays. Note the imports are subscription based such that a re-import will not create duplicate Holidays.

Test Project

  • Run all tests associated with Trunk/qbo.3/Plugins/Calendar/qbo.HolidayPlugIn.UnitTests


  • Deploy Trunk/qbo.3/Plugins/Calendar/qbo.Holiday.Import
  • Run Setup.WebCal.xml to register IService and ImportFileTemplates