The pacer interface allows automated searching for bankruptcy information.  We provide the ability to search the following:
  • National 
  • Regional
  • Dockets
  • Documents
The order options can be setup in QBS, but can also be defined on a per-order basis. These are:
  • ContactSearch (True/False) - If no SSN information is provided, we can perform a Contact Lookup operation in an attempt to locate SSN information.
  • RegionalSearch (Always/Never/OpenCasesOnly) - If a bankruptcy is located at the national level we will also search the Case Summary for additional information.
  • DocketSearch (Always/Never/OpenCasesOnly) - If a bankruptcy is located we will search the Dockets and pull all dockets related to the bankruptcy.
  • BankruptcyThreshold (1-10) - The maximum number of bankruptcies to perform a Regional or Docket search on. If a single contact has more than this number, these extra searches are not performed.
  • ContactThreshold (1-10) - If a Contact Lookup is performed, we will only search Pacer for up to this number of contacts.
  • GroupDocuments (Per-Contact, Per-Bankruptcy, Per-Order) - How the PDF Certificates are stitched together when generating product data.
  • IncludeScreenShot (True/False) - Include a screenshot of the national search submission page (with the search criteria used to perform the search).
  • USSSNMask (None/*****) - We will mask the frist 5 of the contact's SSN in the PDF Certificates.
  • ProductDelivery (Deliver/Pickup,QBO3HTTP/NotificationPickup/Custom) - How the final XML product is delivered.
Depending on the order's options, we will deliver product in near-realtime.  This typically take between 1 and 4 minutes.

National Search

Required Fields
  • Full social security number provided in USSSN tag
  • Last 4 of SSN provided in USSSN and party name:
    • Full name passed in Contact tag (formatted: last name, first name)
    • Discrete tags: LastName, FirstName

National Search Request Samples

Full SSN


SSN4 and Party Name:

      <Contact>Doe, John</Contact>

SSN4 and Party passed as discrete fields:


Regional Search

If the order preference RegionalSearch is set to either "Always" or "OpenCasesOnly" then the Case Summary page will be searched.
If OpenCasesOnly is chosen, we will not search the Case Summary on any bankruptcy that has a Closed Date at the national level.  Only open bankruptcies will be searched.

The extra data provided by this search is:
  • All Attorney information
    • Name
    • Phone
    • Fax
    • Email
  • All Trustee Information
    • Name
    • Phone
    • City
    • Email
  • All of the following dates (if applicable)
    • Discharged
    • Dismissed
    • Filed
    • Terminated
    • Confirmation Hearing
    • Transferred
    • Converted


If the order preference DocketSearch is set to either "Always" or "OpenCasesOnly" then the Dockets page will be searched.
If OpenCasesOnly is chosen, we will not search for Dockets on any bankruptcy that has a Closed Date at the national level.  Only open bankruptcies will be searched.

The extra data provided by this search is:
  • Filing Date
  • Sequence Number
  • Document URL (if applicable)
  • Case Number
  • Text - The full description of this docket entry
The Document URL provided here can be used to automate the pulling of docket documents associated with this bankruptcy (See "Documents" below)


Using the Document URL provided by in a Docket response, we can download and deliver the document(s) associated with a bankruptcy.

Document Request:


Data Structures

Core bankruptcy tables:
  • Bankruptcy
Associated tables:
  • Loan - loan related information as well as grouping borrowers
  • Borrower - borrower associated with a loan
  • Contact - contact information including name, address, SSN. Also used to store bankruptcy contacts from the regional site, if ordered.
  • ObjectLink - associate Borrower records under a loan to a Bankruptcy record
  • Attachment - PDF version of Pacer search
  • Message - Used when no bankruptcy is found for a Borrower
  • ImportForm - Holds docket information, if ordered


Audience (Power User / Developer)
  • Get latest projects from Trunk:
    • Plugins/Service/qbo.Service.Http
  • Examine seed script: Plugins/Service/qbo.Service.Http/Config/Setup.Pacer.QBOv3.QBSAPI1.0.xml. 
    • This contains the necessary configuration items to install into the target application.  There are QBS related credential information that will be seeded.  Ensure you update the username, password and domain with the credentials supplied to you by Quandis. 
    • The ConfigurationEntry "PacerSelect" can be changed to reflect which contacts/borrowers are to be searched.
  • Examine transform: Plugins/Service/qbo.Service.Http/Templates/Pacer/ServiceRequest.Request.QBSSearch.xslt
    • Configure all of your search options
    • Update //BankruptcyRequest/Options/UserDefined/Option/Name = PostBackURL to match your environment
    • If the PacerSelect statement is modified, the xpathing will need to modified to match
  • Examine transform: Plugins/Service/qbo.Service.Http/Template/Pacer/ServiceStep.QBS.Product.Import.xslt
    • This is the data structure that will be imported when QBS product is returned to your system.
    • Adjust this transform accordingly to match your needs, trigger milestones, etc.
  • Build and deploy projects
  • Run seed script by either:
    • Navigating to Design > Configuration > Packages  and clicking Pacer.QBOv3.QBSAPI1.0 OR
    • Pasting seed script content into /Import/ImportFile.ashx/TestHarness

QBS Configuration

Audience (Quandis Developer / Client Manager)
  • Create a new organization
  • Add an integration user to the organization and assign them to the following roles
    • SystemIntegrator
    • Skiptrace (if applicable)
  • Add the following Tasks to the organization
    • PacerCredentials
    • PostbackCredentials
    • API Order 1.0.0 Preferences
    • API Order 1.0.0 Override Settings
  • The order endpoint (configured in the PacerLogin Credential on the clients environment) is

IService Execution Steps

Audience (Power User / Developer)
  • To Execute a pacer search:
    • Directly From Url: /Mortgage/Conact.ashx/QBSSearch?ID={x} (x = ContactID)
    • From DecisionStep: Object: Contact, Operation: QBSSearch, Parameters: ID={ContactID}
  • Executing a search will:
    • Execute statement Contact/PacerSelect to source borrower data
    • The transform defined in the QBSSearch service will hold all of the order defaults.  
      • This transform (e.g. ServiceRequest.QBSSearch.Request.xslt) MUST be updated before placing orders
      • This UserDefined option "PostBackURL" must be verified. It assumes the app setting BaseURL is set correctly.
      • All search options must be updated to match your preferences
      • If you've changed which response transform to use, the HTTPRequest "ResponseTransformPath" must be updated
    • Invoke QBS interface using qbo.Service.Http plug-in
  • Each contact returned by PacerSelect will be transformed into a ContactItem in the request that will be searched.
  • QBS will respond with a ServiceRequestItem which will contain the success of the request, as well as any exceptions.
    • Status: Success/Failure - Status of the order in QBS.
    • ExternalReference/ID - QBS Order number/External reference number. 
  • The product step is generated in the client system and will be called by QBS to fulfill the order.

Ordering From QBO Workflow

The following example outlines how to configure a QBO workflow to order pacer. In this example, the workflow is based off Loan which implies pacer will be searched for all contacts under the Loan. The workflow can be launch under a Loan via automation or ad-hoc:
  • Create a DecisionTemplate based off Object Loan. Design > Workflows > Options > New Template
  • Add a Step to order place orders. 
    • Note the Query is using Contact/Search based off Decision.Object and Decision.Object which is intended to be loan. Additional filtering can be applied in the Parameters
    • The search options Dockets and Regional can be specified in Action parameters.  Valid values for both of these options are: Always, Never, OpenCasesOnly.  The values, if passed through the workflow, will override the values set in ServiceRequest.Request.QBSSearch.xslt

Ordering Pacer from the Front-End

Pacer can also be requested on an ad-hoc basis from the front-end whereby bankruptcy and court docket are retrieved.    Both Borrower and Contact search XSLTs automatically render options for all services configured on their related module.  This way the XSLT doesn't need to be modified each time a new service is added.  Front-end configuration for Pacer can be done from the modules set configuration page under the Services panel.

<Service Name="SearchQBSPacer" Type="qbo.Service.HTTP.HttpExchange, qbo.Service.HTTP, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null" RequestTransform="Templates/Pacer/ServiceRequest.Request.SearchQBSPacer.xslt" RequestMethod="Borrower/PacerSelect?ID={ID}" ReturnType="Object" ImportFileTemplate="QBS.Request.Response.Search" EndPoint="{PacerURL}" CompleteStep="False">


<Step Name="Product" Type="qbo.Service.InboundService.InboundRequest, qbo.Service.InboundService, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null" ReturnType="XmlReader" RequestMethod="ImportFile/ImportByObject?Template=QBS.Product&amp;ServiceRequestID={ServiceRequestID}" ResponseMethod="ImportFile/ImportResultXml?ImportFileID={ImportFileID}" ResponseTransform="Templates/Logging/ImportLog.ImportResult.xslt" RequireStream="True" CompleteStep="True" RequireArguments="True" />



Pacer search can be executed from the front-end on the Borrower & Contacts panel by following the steps below.

  • Navigate to a loan
  • Select the borrower you want to run a search on and click on the option for Search QBS Pacer
  • The request to Pacer will be queued and returned asynchronously 
  • The new or updated BK will render on the Bankruptcies panel on the Loan Summary page
  • Dockets tied to the BK are rendered on the Bankruptcy Summary screen next to the Tasks panel.  Dockets are rendered from the CourtCaseDocket table.

  • The related Pacer Certificate is rendered on the BK’s documents panel