Outbound Service Requests

Outbound Service Requests represent any IService entries that intend to send data from QBO to another system. There are two categories of outbound ServiceRequests:

  • Parent Outbound ServiceRequest - This is represented by the parent most configuration entry
  • Nested (child) Outbound ServiceRequest - Any outbound request that is configured as a child to an Outbound request

Use cases: 

  1. QBO ordering military search from military.quandis.com - example of Parent Outbound Service Request
  2. QBO ordering credit data directly from CredCo - example of Parent Outbound Service Request
  3. QBO submitting a product update to QDS for a valuation that was created as part of an Inbound Request - example of Nested Outbound Service Request
IService configuration properties and usage:

  • Name - Uniquely identifies IService
  • Type - Classname, Namespace registration of plug-in. 
    • Eg. "qbo.Service.HTTP.HttpExchange, qbo.Service.HTTP"
  • RequestMethod - method signature to invoke to query/produce outgoing data. This is similar to a report.
    • Eg. "Contact/Select?ID={ID}"
  • RequestTransform - Xslt used to transform data produced by RequestMethod. This transform the raw data into a format recognized by the plug-in.
    • Eg. "Templates/Service/ServiceOrder.Request.SCRA.xslt"
  • ResponseMethod - optional method signature for to invoke after plug-in has been invoked. Method must have same return type specified in ReturnType property. 
    • Eg. "ServiceRequest/Import?ServiceRequestID={ServiceRequestID}"
  • ImportFileTemplate - Used to store an ImportFileTemplate name which can be passed to plug-in to set ServiceRequest.ImportFile.ImportFileTemplate
  • ReturnType - OperationReturnType of ResponseMethod 
    • Eg. XmlReader, Object, void
  • ResponseTransform - Xslt used to transform data produced by ResponseMethod. This is not used too frequently as there is not a need to transform data from the ResponseMethod
    • Eg. "Templates/Logging/ImportLog.ImportResult.xslt"
  • EndPoint - Used to store the Url of the endpoint the plug-in is trying to access. System/Person Default substitution is allowed here to manage one value for the same endpoint.
    • Eg. "https://uatmilitary.quandis.net/Service/Exchange/ServiceOrderService.ashx/SubmitV3" - example of a fully qualified endpoint used to order military from UAT Military
    • Eg. {MilitaryUATUrl} - The plug-in would perform a SystemDefault search and attempt to locate a SystemDefault with labeled "MilitaryUATUrl" and set EndPoint with SystemDefault.Value
  • CompleteStep - boolean. Indicates to complete parent most ServiceRequest upon execution of this step