Queue Service 3.3

Queue Service Calendar bug fix and additional settings to softcode Cloudwatch logging.

Summary Of Updates

  • Bug fix that addresses queues configured with status Enabled with no corresponding Calendar
  • Two new application settings that control Cloudwatch logging without the need to modify QueueService.exe.config

Calendar Bug Fix

Bug fix when queue status is set to Enabled and there is no Calendar specified, Queue Service would stop processing ALL queues. The logic has been updated to skip queue processing for a given queue when this condition exists.

Cloudwatch Logging Settings

Two new settings in qbo.Application allow configuration for Cloudwatch without having to modify QueueService.exe.config per environment. Settings can be set in web.config statically or softcoded as SystemDefault entries per environment.

  • qbo.Application.Properties.Settings.QueueSourceName - This controls the Cloudwatch custom namespace. For example:
    • Set to QMSUAT for QMS UAT environment and QueueService will register a Custom Namespace QMSUAT
    • Set to QCC for QCC Prod environment and QueueService will register a Custom Namespace QCC
  • qbo.Application.Properties.Settings.QueueStatisticLogIntervalMS - This allows an override of the logging interval. This must be overridden in each application to enable logging.
    • Default value is 0 which disables statistics logging by default
    • Maximum allowable value is 86399 which is ~ 1 day. This implies if logging is enabled you must log once a day
    • Recommended value is 60000 which correspond to 60 seconds.
Sample seed script to enable Cloudwatch logging: