SMS Integration via Twilio


Twilio offers a RESTful interface to telephony. QBO 3 includes an IMailOutbound plugin that interfaces with Twilio to provide two-way SMS. 

This can be invoked via:

Message/Message.ashx/Send?Subject=Hello World!&

Similarly, you can SMS any Twilio number that posts messages to Message/Twilio.ashx/ReceiveSMS, and a Message will be added to the Message table containing the SMS message.

Note that the Message module requires that From, To, Cc, and Bcc address be formatted as email addresses.


To SMS-enable a QBO 3 system via Twilio:
  • Create an account on Twilio
    • Configure at least one number to post messages to Message/Twilio.ashx/ReceiveSMS
  • From the QBO 3 system:
    • create an entry in MailOutbound.config pointing to Twilio (example below)
    • create an entry in Credential.config using the Twilio AccountSid and Auth Token
Sample MailOutbound.config entry:

<MailOutbound Name="SMS" Host="" EnableSsl="true" Type="qbo.Message.Twilio.SMS, qbo.Message.Twilio"/>

  • The Twilio phone number should appear to the right of the main API Url
  • The main API Url will change if Twilio rolls out updates; this is data-driven in qbo.Message.Twilio.Settings.APIUrl
Sample Credential.config entry:

<Credential UriPrefix="" AuthType="Basic" Username="AC7612***" Password="732***"/>

Use Cases

Use cases for SMS integration include:
  • Two-factor authentication with the qbo.Security module
  • Sending an SMS to real estate brokers when a BPO is available for acceptance
  • Notifying a borrower that a Loan Modification or Short Sale status has changed
  • Notifying a client's IT resources when an import routine has been completed