Breaking Change: Async methods moved

posted Jun 22, 2017, 8:17 AM by Eric Patrick
qbo.Core has been updated with a large footprint change:
  • qbo.Application has been refactored to contain *.Async classes for all async methods instead of using extension classes
  • qbo.Decision has been extended to contain async methods to process workflows and all extensibility has now been ported to async
  • qbo.Import has been extended to contain async methods to process imports
  • Web projects for the above classes .ashx files have been ported to async
To deploy you must recompile ALL dlls that reference qbo.Application

Any cs files that reference:

using qbo.Application.AsyncExtensions;

should remove this reference as it's now obsolete. All core/web projects have been modified, and most plug-ins, have been modified in SVN.

Queue Service - qbo.QueueService.3.2.0 to the Installation folder and must be used for this build.