Bug Fix: Importing Configuration Data

posted May 24, 2017, 12:53 PM by Eric Patrick
A configuration change to Abstract.config has been made to fix a bug that occurs when importing configuration data generated by exporting template data from QBO.

The bug occurred when exporting template data such as Decision Templates, Attachment Templates, and other modules that include method signatures. When method signatures are encountered, if the method invokes a customized statement, the custom statement is included in the export:

  <AttachmentTemplate>My Custom Document</AttachmentTemplate>

When encountering the ConfigurationEntryCollection, AbstractObject/ImportXml does not parse the node correctly, remaining in an infinite loop on the closing tag.

The fix for this is to define ConfigurationEntryCollection as a child class for all objects, by modifying Abstract.config:

  <Child Name="ConfigurationEntryCollection" Type="qbo.Application.ConfigurationEntryObject, qbo.Application"/>

Deploying the updated Abstract.config addresses this bug.