Decision Repeatability

posted Nov 15, 2018, 12:59 PM by Unknown user
The below has been resolved.  Made changes to GenericObject and updated the ApplicationTests project with both this new functionality and old functionality to ensure coverage.

The gist of this was that if you passed DecisionTemlateID in the code was looking for just TemplateID (Similar pattern with DecisionTemplate and Template).  The code now allows {Table}Template to be added as a parameter and does a proper SelectByTemplate to add the underlying object.

Decision repeatability not being respected.
This issue was noticed within SLS, not sure if it is happening elsewhere.

UI Decision/Save
Find a DecisionTemplate that is set to one active per parent.
Navigate to a loan and create a decision using the template noted above.  Ensure it is not complete or canceled.
Attempting to create another decision should not succeed but it does.

The following method signature is used within SLS to evaluate a matrix then create a decision using parameter substitution.  Running it multiple times in a row should not create multiple decisions based on repeatability settings, but it does.
Here's the method with the appropriate values.