qbo.Attachment Enhancements

posted Dec 22, 2016, 7:07 AM by Eric Patrick   [ updated Dec 22, 2016, 7:15 AM ]


The standard Document Search panel has been extended to support new features, including:
  • Toggle Description: a Description, if present, can be displayed. OCR'd documents populate the Description be default.
    • Description may also be toggled by double-clicking on the white space of a document row

  • Zip and Download: select multiple documents, zip them, and download the zip file. This does not create a new Attachment.

  • Zip and Save: same as Zip and Download, but creates a new Attachment

  • Zip and Email: same as Zip and Save, including a password to protected the zip file with, and a prompt for email addresses to email the zip file to

  • Convert to PDF: convert selected document(s) (such as TIFF images) to PDF

  • Merge to Single PDF: merges selected documents into a single PDF file

  • OCR: OCR the text of a document, saving the text to the Description field. This operation is queued, as it is typically long-running.
    • If there is no description present, the Descirption field (if visible) offers an OCR button

Technical Details

These new features require the installation of three plugins:
  1. qbo.Attachment.ABCPDF: handles Convert to PDF, Merge to Single PDF (see Plugins > ABCPDF > qbo.ABCPDF.sln)
  2. qbo.Attachment.GoogleDrive: handles OCR (see Plugins > Google > qbo.Google.sln)
  3. qbo.Attachment.DotNetZip: handles ZIP functionality (see Plugins > DotNetZip > qbo.DotNetZip.sln)
If you do not want to install these plugins for any reason, you can disable these advanced UI features via the EnableStandardServicesFromUI application setting:
  • Design > Configuration > Modules > Attachment
  • Click on the Setting tab
  • Edit the 'EnableStandardServicesFromUI' setting, and set it to false