qbo.Attachment Generator.config Changes

posted Dec 2, 2016, 8:05 AM by Eric Patrick
The Generator.config had several references to commonly deployed plugins, such as ABCPDF, Adobe, and Xceed. The default configuration file now only includes generators that are part of qbo.Attachment (and thus always deployed). All other generators should be installed via a setup package, which is included with the appropriate plugin.

Upon deploying qbo.AttachmentWeb, you may find that Generator entries which you previously used are now missing from you configuration. This will typically be reflected when:
  • You attempt to create a new Attachment Template, and a previously used Generator plugin is not available in the dropdown list, or
  • You attempt to merge a document, and get an error indicating that a Type is not found
This can be fixed simply by re-deploying the plugin and running the appropriate setup package, from Design > Configuration > Packages. Plugins to consider re-deploying include:
  • qbo.Core.sln > 
    • qbo.Attachment.PDF (PDF Form package)
    • qbo.Attachment.Xceed (Xceed Zipfile package)
  • qbo.ABCPDF.sln > qbo.Attachment.ABCPDF (ABCPDF package)
  • qbo.Aspose.sln > qbo.Attachment.Aspose (Aspose Words package)
  • qbo.Google.sln > qbo.Attachment.GoogleDrive (OCR package)
Note that the qbo.Attachment.ABCPDF.Screenscrape plugin should only be deployed if you need the screen scrape to PDF feature. This plugin includes a full FireFox installation (XUL_Runner), which is a lot of stuff to add to a server unless you really need it.