qbo.Decision: ImportForm MergeXmlData

posted Apr 14, 2017, 10:41 AM by Eric Patrick
The qbo.Decision module has been updated to enable tasks created from workflows to retain existing user-defined fields.

In some use cases (such as QLS), automation will create tasks (ImportForm rows) before a workflow referencing the task is launched. Prior to this change, when the workflow binds to the task, it would call ImportForm/Save without any user-defined fields (XmlData) specified, causing these fields to be removed.

With this change in place, when the workflow step creates an instance of the task (ImportFormTemplate/CreateInstance), it now includes a MergeXmlData parameter, causing the task to retain any existing user-defined fields.

This change includes a feature switch: ImportFormMergeXmlDataDefault set from Design > Configuration > Modules > Decision, Settings panel.