posted Nov 13, 2017, 12:50 PM by Unknown user
SVN Revision 35416

qbo.Depend.js has received upgrades.

  • In addition to comparing the value of an input field to a static value provided by the user, i.e. 'Question1 = Yes':
    • Input field values can now be compared to other input field values
      • Ex: 'Question1 = Question2'
    • Date comparisons can now be performed on input field values
      • Ex: 'ActualCompletionDate = 10/27/2017'
    • Whereas Input field comparisons previously only considered equality and negation, '>' and '<' are now supported.
  • qbo.3\qbo.core\web tier\qbo.applicationweb\templates\specs\behaviors\spec.depend.xslt
  • qbo.3\qbo.core\web tier\qbo.applicationweb\scripts\specs\behaviors\spec.depend.js