qbo.ps1/New-qboInstance now requires IAMRole value; UserData updated

posted Aug 6, 2018, 8:36 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Aug 6, 2018, 8:53 AM ]


-IAMRole is now a required parameter when calling qbo.ps1/New-qboInstance.

This update was requested in order to restrict build/deploy access to servers across products.

Please consult with Kevin Foley to receive an appropriate IAMRole value for your product.

The current list of available roles is below. Please be sure to use the appropriate role for each environment (DEV/UAT/Stage/Prod) when creating new Instances.

  • SLS_DEV_Deployment
  • SLS_PROD_Deployment
  • SLS_Stage_Deployment
  • SLS_UAT_Deployment

  • MLA_DEV_Deployment
  • MLA_PROD_Deployment
  • MLA_UAT_Deployment

  • QBS_DEV_Deployment
  • QBS_PROD_Deployment
  • QBS_UAT_Deployment

  • SCRA_DEV_Deployment
  • SCRA_PROD_Deployment
  • SCRA_UAT_Deployment

  • QTD_DEV_Deployment
  • QTD_PROD_Deployment
  • QTD_UAT_Deployment

  • QVS_DEV_Deployment
  • QVS_PROD_Deployment
  • QVS_UAT_Deployment

  • ADR_DEV_Deployment
  • ADR_PROD_Deployment
  • ADR_UAT_Deployment

  • SATS_DEV_Deployment
  • SATS_PROD_Deployment
  • SATS_UAT_Deployment


The -userDataRaw parameter previously defaulted to 'machine.ps1'.

This has been superseded by the -userDataFile parameter, which defaults to 'EC2.UseDataDefault.ps1'.

However, if the -userDataRaw parameter is supplied a non-null value when calling New-qboInstance, then the -userDataRaw parameter will be used instead of -userDataFile.