XPath Now Supports Substring and Data:Invoke

posted Sep 21, 2016, 6:38 AM by Eric Patrick
Many QBO modules leverage XPath to extract parameters from summary XML in several use cases, including:
  • Smart Worklist Member assignments,
  • Decision Step parameter substitution,
  • Attachment generation parameter substitution,
  • other modules leveraging string substitution
The XDocument.XPathEvaluate extension method has been updated to support additional use cases, including:
  • Term Digit (new): extract the last digit of a loan number (or any other field)
    • e.g. substring(//Loan, string-length(//Loan))
  • Calling other methods (new): if the data you need is not in Summary, you can invoke any method that returns an XmlReader to fetch the data
    • e.g. Data:invoke('Contact', 'MyCustomMethod', 'Param1=Foo')//FirstName
  • Last of repeating items
    • e.g. //MyCustomField[last()]
  • Formatted dates
    • e.g. Formatting:formatDate(//UpdatedDate)
    • e.g. Formatting:formatDate('today')
    • e.g. Formatting:dateAdd('today', 'm', '1')