Application / Abstract Object Spec


QBO3 allows updating of tables and their foreign keys (parents or children) using a simple query string configuration. For example, a Foreclosure table has a LoanID key, and the Loan table has a PropertyID key. One can update all three tables as follows:

Foreclosure.ashx/Save?Foreclosure=123&Loan_Loan=123456789&Loan_UPBAmount=99122.33&Loan_Property_Address=123 Main Street

This test spec ensure that QBO3 is abstractly handling foreign key updates correctly.


Verifies the construction of a Business Object and it's child/sibling object.

This spec uses a Foreclosure as the test case, and verifies the following steps:
  • Abstract object:
    • Can create a Foreclosure without errors.
    • Verifies that Foreclosure, Loan, and Property objects have been created correctly.
    • Verifies that Borrower objects have been created correctly.