Attachment / File Objects Spec


This spec ensures that all configured file objects can communicate with their target endpoints.  Basically, it's testing URLs and credentials of remote FTP sites, imaging systems, and such.  It will attempt to list, write, read, and then delete a file for each configured FileObject.

Note that some connections may not allow all operations; this may be okay. For example:
  • The 'Internet' file object is used to read file from, well, the Internet.  It's okay that it cannot write or delete files.
  • Some client FTP sites may limit reads or writes to specific folder; this spec does not handle custom folders, so a failed write may not be a bad thing.


For all File Objects, the following test cases are verified:
  • File Object:
    • Can list configured File Objects
    • Includes a configuration "Template" entry for Templates
    • Includes a configuration entry "Database" to write import files to the Database
For specific File Objects, the following test cases are verified:
  • Internet
    • can read a file
  • For all other file objects (not listed for fear of releasing proprietary information)
    • can read a file
    • can write a file
    • can list files
    • can rename a file
    • can delete a file