Decision / Matrix Lookup With Custom Method Spec



Using a Matrix and Custom Method Signature to Spawn a Child Workflow
  • can create DecisionTemplate_B (child workflow)
  • can create a Matrix for MethodSignature Test
  • can add Matrix output columns (measures)
  • can add Matrix input columns (dimensions)
  • can add Matrix facts
  • can create DecisionTemplate_A (parent workflow)
  • can create a DecisionStepTemplate for DecisionTemplate_A that invokes Matrix Lookup with MethodSignature
  • can launch a workflow - Decision_A
  • can get the DecisionStep that is spawned by Decision_A
  • can get the workflow, (Decision_B), that is spawned by the Matrix Lookup
  • should delete Decision_B
  • should delete DecisionStep_A
  • should delete Decision_A
  • should delete DecisionStepTemplate_A
  • should delete the matrix objects
  • should delete DecisionTemplate_B
  • should delete DecisionTemplate_A