Import Form (Task) Spec


Power users can customize forms by adding questions or by editing the form's XSLT.  This spec will test to see if forms with questions defined actually render the questions, ensuring that the power user did not accidentally omit that capability when editing the XSLT.

This spec will also test to ensure that the appropriate buttons for a non-customized form are in place.


General use cases:
  • Creating an already-completed form automatically creates and completes a smart worklist member
  • Import Form Question appears as an element on the page
    • Ensures that any Questions linked to the form are rendered correctly
  • Import Form should render without errors
    • Ensures that all necessary templates and objects are loaded correctly
Business specific use cases:
  • Import Form should have a Save button
    • Ensures presence of Save button
  • Import Form should have a Submit button
    • Ensures presence of Submit button