Security / Register Servicer Spec


When registering a new Servicer, there are basic checks that should be in place so that there are no invalid Servicer accounts.

This spec ensures that the user is prompted when either invalid data or a duplicate Servicer entry has been entered.

It also ensures that the registering user will receive a confirmation email when the Servicer entry has been created.

The spec also ensures that the first registered user under the new Servicer account will automatically be granted Security Admin rights, and that ensuing registered users will not.


  • The security module
    • should require a company, first name, last name and email address
    • entering an invalid company should warn the user that the entry is invalid
    • entering a valid company should allow the user to proceed
    • entering an existing user name should warn the user that the user already exists
    • saving should deliver a confirmation email to the registering user
    • the first registered user should be a security administrator
    • subsequent registered users should not be a security administrator
    • Can delete users