ComputerShare Global Viewpoint Document Imaging

posted Dec 3, 2015, 7:18 AM by Eric Patrick   [ updated Dec 8, 2015, 8:58 AM ]


ComputerShare offers a document imaging system called Global Viewpoint ("GV"). Quandis offers an IFileObject-based plugin that wraps GV so documents can be listed and read, as well as an IService-based plugin to wraps GV so documents can be 'synched'.

IFileObject Usage

GV does not mimic "file paths", so the IFileObject API implementation is a bit out of the ordinary.  Key GV concepts to understand include:
  • Each document has a UniqueId, which is mapped by QBO to Attachment.PathURL
    • e.g. instead of "Loan/12345/Loan Application.pdf", the PathURL will be something like "3b13c81093594c03a2151b6fa5986e59"
  • The IFileObject/List method ignores the path parameter, but maps the pattern parameter to various GV search criteria
    • e.g. typical one would call List("Loan/12345/", "*.*", 0) to search for all documents in the folder Loan/12345
    • e.g. for GV, we call List(null, "Loan=12345", 0) to search for all documents associated with Loan 12345
    • e.g. for GV, we call List(null, "Loan=12345&Classification=VAL003", 0) to search for all valuations for Loan 12345
      • the possible GV classification codes depend on the GV installation, and are beyond the scope of this post. Contact GV support for your classification codes
    • e.g. for GV, we call List(null, "Loan=12345&UploadDate=1/1/2015", 0) to limit documents returned to those uploaded after 1/1/2015.
    • supported GV search criteria include: Loan, Classification, UploadDate. Other criteria can be added by extending the GlobalViewpointFile/List method.

IService Usage

GV clients have a use case that involves 'copying' a subset of GV documents for a given loan to the QBO Attachment table. The subset of loans is determined by GV's Classification code.  The IService plugin does two things:
  • Checks the Attachment table to determine the most recently copied GV file, and
  • Calls IFileObject/List to retrieve all matching documents uploaded after the last sync
Example method signatures:
  • Sync GV valuation documents for a given loan: SLSLoan/GVSync?SLSLoan=12345&Classification=VAL003
  • Sync GV documents added since 1/1/2015: SLSLoan/GVSync?SLSLoan=12345&UploadDate=1/1/2015
  • Sync GV VAL and CORE documents and uploaded since 1/1/2016: SLSLoan/GVSync?SLSLoan=12345&Classification=VAL003,COR023&UploadDate=1/1/2016