Quandis Support System

Product types are the products that Quandis offers/sells to clients.  The products are broken down by:

  • Agent Module
  • Core
  • Custom
  • Collections
  • Notary
  • Short Sale
  • Skip Trace
  • Valuations
  • Military Search
The Custom System category is for systems that were created specific to a client’s requirements such as CI, IVG, Freddie Mac, and the First American Systems.

Projects within each product are broken down by:

  • Client Implementation
  • Services Integration
  • Third Party Integration 
For Valuations, there would be a Client Integration project for SAM, EP, ORT, etc. 

If a new client were to come on board for Short Sale, there would be a Project, Client Implementation, for the Product, Short Sale.

If a client, SAM, requests an enhancement to their system, a ticket would be opened within the project of SAM.