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Freddie Mac LMWS Error Report Procedures

posted May 14, 2015, 2:49 PM by Wes Coulter   [ updated Jul 8, 2015, 3:56 PM ]

Error reports are received from LMWS in response to our twice daily (three times on the first Tuesday of each month), when data conditions exist on loans that prevent the import process from importing them.  These responses are received via email to , and come from  The subject of the email is "Error Report for Foreclosure/Bankruptcy Loan Level Attorney Data"  The following two sections describe the data conditions, and the process on how to correct them and/or notify the appropriate party(ies) of the concern.

Invalid Key/Loan Combination Procedure

Key IDs are sent with each case, and are unique identifiers to LMWS, which allow the ADR system to send updates on existing cases.  The "Invalid Key/Loan Com" error means the Key ID we are attempting to submit was used to identify a previous case associated with a different Freddie Mac loan number.  An example of this is: F001351000 1281 991208293 723147115 Invalid Key/Loan Com.  The Key ID associated with the new loan/case will need to be reset in the ADR system.

You will be using the "LMWSKeyIDFix.xlsx" spreadsheet for this, which is attached to this Blog Post.

  • Open the "inval_loans_lenstar.doc" attachment found in the LMWS Error Report email and copy all rows with a reason of "Invalid Key/Loan Com"
  • Paste these into the LMWSKeyIDFix spreadsheet, starting with row 2 (header row must remain as-is)
    • In some cases, multiple Invalid Key/Loan Com items will not be grouped together, the easiest way to deal with this is to copy all of the contents of the Word Doc, paste them into the spreadsheet and delete the inapplicable rows, being sure to remove any empty rows entirely
  • Once all items have been pasted into the spreadsheet, they will need to be separated into individual columns
    • Select the A column for all rows you have pasted in (starting with A2, do not select A1, which is the header row; example: you have 3 Invalid Key/Loan Com items, you should have A2, A3 and A4 selected)
    • Select the "Data" tab in the toolbar ribbon, then select "Text to Columns", a 3-step wizard will pop up
      • In the first step, select the radio button for "Fixed width", then click "Next"
      • The second step is where you are able to specify what data should be in each column.  This can be left the way Excel assumes it should be, click "Next"
      • Step 3 allows you to define the data formats.  Highlight all rows and select the "Text" radio button.  This will preserve any leading 0s in the columns
      • Click "Finish"
    • Your data is now placed in the appropriate columns
  • Any data that was placed in columns E, F, G and further to the right can be deleted
  • Sort the spreadsheet by the first column and remove any duplicates
  • Save this spreadsheet to your file system (i.e. Desktop)
  • Login to and navigate to "Dashboard" >> "Import Data"
  • Select "KeyID Cleanup" from the "Import Dashboard" list
  • Drag and drop the LMWSKeyIDFix spreadsheet that you saved to your file system into the light blue bar above the panel that rendered on the right side of the page
  • The panel to the right will refresh and the import will be queued
  • Select "Refresh" from the "Options" dropdown in that panel and review the status.  If the status of your import does not update to "Complete" within 10 minutes, contact the lead developer for the ADR system to assist with troubleshooting
  • Upon successful import, ensure the loans do not appear in the following transmission.  If found there, contact the lead developer for the ADR system to assist with troubleshooting

Invalid Loan Number Procedure

LMWS rejects any cases that are associated with "Invalid Loans"  There are two definitions of "Invalid Loans", for the purpose of this procedure:

  1. The Loan exists in the LMWS database, but is not in a valid status.  An example of a valid status is "Foreclosure", and an example of an invalid status is "Active"
  2. The Loan does not exist in the LMWS database
Follow the steps below for each Foreclosure case that is identified as "Invalid Loan Number" in the "inval_loans_lenstar.doc" attachment.  Foreclosure cases are identified with the letter "F" at the beginning of the row within the attachment.  Example: F003007910 4111 790944103 NULL Invalid Loan Number.  All items with other leading letters can be skipped.
  • Login to and navigate to "Dashboard" >> "Loans" (default landing page)
  • Search for the Loan Number identified as invalid
  • Click on the loan number to access the Loan Summary page
  • Scroll to the Process tabs (Foreclosure, Bankruptcy and Deficiency)
  • Select the tab for the appropriate Process Type
    • Foreclosures are identified by the letter "F" at the beginning of the keyid field in the attachment
    • Bankruptcies are identified by the letters "P" (POC) and "B" (MFR) at the beginning of the keyid field in the attachment
  • Click on the Attorney Case ID link to access the case's Summary page.  If there are more than one cases of that type, additional research will be required to locate the appropriate case
    • If the attorneys are different between the cases, navigate to each attorney's Organization Summary page and locate the four digit code in the "Tags" panel.  Match this code with the four digit code in the id_atty column of the attachment
    • If the attorneys are the same for all cases, the history records of each case, and their Tasks will need to be researched to identify which was updated most recently
  • Once the proper case is found, review its history, and the history records of the Tasks, Holds, Messages and Attachments and obtain the username of the user that performed the most recent update
  • Navigate to the Attorney Organization and obtain the primary contact for the firm
  • Send an email with the following information to these two contacts:
    • Subject: ADR – Invalid Loan Number
    • Body:

Freddie Mac has identified the following loan(s) as being in a non-delinquent status: [LoanNumber]

A foreclosure or bankruptcy case was added or updated recently, which triggered the alert from Freddie 

Mac.  Please review your case and contact Freddie Mac directly with any questions on loan level 


Thank you.
Wes Coulter,
May 14, 2015, 2:49 PM