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Import issues - Failed: 'LoanNumber###' not found

When importing into SLS via adhoc the system uses ObjectSubscription to match loan numbers to SLSLoanIDs so it can process them properly.  If the loan can be found by going to Loan Dashboard and looked up then it is likely an issue with a missing ObjectSubscription row.
A statement has been added to the system to reset all ObjectSubscriptions.  This is Mortgage/SLSLoan.ashx/EnsureSubscription  running this will reset any missed ObjectSubscription Rows.

Daily Delta FTP issues
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Uncaught QuotaExceededError: Failed to set the 'ImportFileQueueSearch-Decision-8670322' property on 'Storage':

This was the error received when refreshing a document panel, but this error could occur where ever we cache data in QBO3.  We use HTML5's local storage to cache results so page draws are quicker.

This is specific to your browser - we 'cache' panels on disk, and your storage quota has been exceeded.

You need to clear your local storage:

Font issue with Aspose Generator - Workaround

There is an issue with Aspose and the PMingLiu font when generating Korean characters during Microsoft Word merges.  
If PMingLiu is used, Unicode blank squares are generated instead of Korean words.
The solution, according to Aspose's documentation, is to change the font to Arial Unicode MS.   

Adhoc Workflow - Doesn't generate ImportFileQueue Rows when importing

The problem is that the name of the field you are passing to the form in the excel file.  Status.  We save everything in the excel file into a parameter xml field if it doesn't match a current field in the ImportFileQueue Table.  So ClassName and Operation get saved directly in the table when you import a row.
Status is a field in ImportFileQueue.  It tried to save the status fields into ImportfileQueue.  and it failed horribly because almost all of the statuses were longer than 50 characters.  I renamed the excel header to FormStatus and viola:

Further background information can be found at: 

You can also use ParameterString to get around such issues (Information found at the above link).  

User cannot log in - Unauthorized

Starting on the 1/18 release SLS implemented IP restrictions for accessing their system.  This means that rather than telling the user they are at the wrong IP it will just cause them to fail to login.  Please contact SLS User Control Team to get the new IP address added to the system.  A variation of this was found recently where Form To PDF was showing as 401 unauthorized in the QueueLog.  The external IP of the SLS Servers was not set for access to the system and so it was failing.

Dual Track Workflow Not Completing

A Decision was reported as not completing when it should, the following is how I determined what the underlying issue was.

This Template was launched and created a Decision.  The Decision processed until the step "Save Matrix Data (Update Form)" was launched and it stalled from there.
I inspected the method signatures from the template to determine that the step was performing a custom SQL script to return data, then uses that data to update the form.  The custom SQL (SLSLoan\DualTrackCaptureMatrixEvalHistory) was not returning all the data needed for the subsequent ImportForm/Save function.

This was done by replacing the variable parameters, such as ID={SLSLoanID}, with the actual data needed to run the method signature, such as ID=738828.  The output showed "6432965738828SLSLoanSave Matrix Data".  Then I looked at the next part of the step and saw that it was using ImportForm/Save?Object=SLSLoan&ObjectID={SLSLoanID}&ImportFormID={ImportFormID}&...... and so on (a total of 27 fields are to be updated by this method signature).  Since the output did not seem to have all the data points needed for the subsequent Save function, this is why the step is not completing.

From here, a SQL developer will need to inspect the SQL code to determine why it is not returning the necessary data.

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