DTA successfully split from CoreLogic

posted Feb 19, 2011, 7:50 AM by Eric Patrick
Our FASLO friends have split into two companies: CoreLogic ADV (run by Brett Benson), and DTA (run by Jason Pinson).  DTA is now hosted in the Quandis Data Center (Irvine), and ADV remains running in the CoreLogic data center.  Thanks to Kevin Foley, Tamara Pinson, and of course the DTA team for making this difficult transition.  DTA is focused on debt collections, and will be able to leverage a lot of the newer features of QBO.  We should see them benefit from the VIP Collect concepts we rolled out for Cerno, and can expect them to provide some good real-world feedback to help us improve our Debt and SkipTrace modules.

Cerno is in part run by Ted Cassell, who once worked for Jason Pinson at FASLO/CoreLogic.  Cerno and DTA will be working together, so we can expect some QBO-QBO integrations between them.