Quandis Business Objects 3


The Quandis Business Objects (QBO) platform provides an integrated suite of web services for managing business operations from large-scale enterprises to small startups. Much as Microsoft Office served as a productivity suite for an individual, QBO is a productivity platform for a company.

QBO is maintained by “power users”: business experts who are trained to configure QBO, rather than developers who need to learn the nuances of your business. Tired of specifications that don’t match your actual business processes? Frustrated by scope creep? Take control of your business systems by using QBO to configure your business processes.


The QBO core modules include:

Core module upon which all other modules are built.

Contact management, geo-coding, labeling.

Add notes, send emails and SMS text messages.

Create analytics models using Excel, Machine Learning APIS, or integrate with custom web services.


Manage accounting, including invoicing.

Workflow, tasking, work lists.

Manage business processes.

Manage users, roles, permissions.

Document imaging and mail merging.

Import data.

Create and schedule running and delivery of OLTP reports.