Method Signatures

QBO3 functionality is exposed to the world as "method signatures", comprising:
  • ClassName: some QBO3 widget, such a Contact, Message, Attachment, Loan, etc.
  • Operation: some method supported by the widget, such as Save, Search, Delete, Email, or Generate
  • Parameters: parameters to pass to the method, such as ID, FirstName, LastName, Subject, etc.  Parameters are URL-encoded
Throughout QBO documentation, method signatures are annotated as {ClassName}/{Operation}?{Parameters}.  Examples include:
  • Searching for contacts with a last name of 'Doe': Person/Search?LastName=Doe
  • Creating a new organization: Organization/Save?Company=My New Company
  • Emailing a message: Message/Email?Subject=Hello World&
  • Generating a mail merged document: Attachment/Generate?Template=Welcome Aboard&Object=Contact&ObjectID=12345
The concept of method signatures run deep in QBO.  Once you understand the available ClassNames (widgets) and Operations, you can deduce how to invoke the functionality many ways, including:
  • Via a web browser:
  • Via a workflow step: Contact/Search?LastName=Patrick
  • Via an attachment template for mail merge: Contact/Summary?ID=12345
  • Via a message template for canned messages: Contact/Search?Tag=New Client