The QBO 3 Message module can be used to maintain blogs. To set up a blog:
  • A Message Template will be used to store the name of the blog, and as the 'parent' of all blog posts (messages)
    • the MessageTemplateType must be set to 'Blog'
  • Each Message added to the Message Template will be considered a blog 'post'
  • Several XSLTs comprise a blog user interface (all in Templates/Message):
    • Blog.Home.xslt: a left-hand panel displays a list of blogs, and a right-hand search panel displays blog posts
    • Blog.List.xslt: displays blogs (MessageTemplate/Search?MessageTemplateType=Blog)
    • Blog.Search.xslt: displays blog posts
    • Blog.Post.xslt: used to edit blog posts
Blogs can be secured like any other QBO 3 object: simply grant access to the Message Template from Design > Group Access.

Custom dashboads can include a blog with the following snippet:

    'class': 'qbo3.MessageObject',
    'method': 'BlogSearch',
    'data': {{'MessageTemplateID': 'XX'}}

where XX is the ID of the MessageTemplate blog to display.