TextBatch Engine

There are a few things different about the TextBatch Engine compared to the other Import Engines.

The first is that it has an INI file as the transform template.  This can be built similar to any of the Microsoft standard INI files for reading text files.
A sample would be here:
Col1="ClassName" Char
Col2="Operation" Char
Col3="SLSLoan" Char
Col4="Template" Char
Col5="Inv_Group" Char

This was a sample of an existing import.  There would be two things that could be left out.  The ClassName and Operation can be removed.  
The Engine defaults to the Applies To of the ImportFileTemplate as the ClassName and will Default to Save as the Operation.
If you want to change these you can add in a "ClassName/Operation" in the ImportFileTemplate.ImportStatement and the Import will use that instead.

The above INI file is set to csv but you could have a fixed width or pipe delimited juat as easily.