MortgageServ Integration


QBO offers direct integration with FiServ's MortgageServ servicing platform. Quandis supplies IService interface wrappers around:
  • Batch data exchange (via delimited files) for batch portfolio updates,
  • FiServ's web services platform for real-time data interchange, and
  • FiServ's APIScript for real-time data interchange
All existing Quandis FiServ clients choose to interface via FiServ's APIScript, because it is free (their web services platform requires payment per web service call, similar to MSP's PhD platform).

Sample Configuration

The APIScript tool provides the ability to read or write most loan-based data elements in MortgageServ. By wrapping a web service end point around APIScript calls, QBO can invoke APIScript via IService calls. Generally speaking, MortgageServ clients expose a few to dozens of APIScripts, named by the MortgageServ power users in the client shop.  These are invoked by web service calls along these lines:

http://{client's endpoint}/{APIScript name}~{Input 1}~{Input 2}~... FC CIT~

QBO can be configured by a power user along these lines as demonstrated in the image below:  

Then, from workflow or other UI calls can simply call Loan/APICITS to invoke a specific API Script.