Here is specific information regarding the Theme.SLS changes to our QBO 3.0 deployment

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Servers (Windows Server 2016)

1 Dev (web/app)
2 UAT (1 web / 1 app)
2 Stage (1 web / 1 app)
4 PROD ( 2 web / 2 app)

2018 Release Schedule

Jan 18th
Feb 15th 
March 22rd 
April 19th
May 24th 
June 21nd
July 19th
Aug 23th
Sept 20st
Oct 18th
Nov 15th
Dec 13th

Performance Indicators

Sometimes the users at ComputerShare / SLS have latency issues with reaching QBO or interacting with it.  Before reaching out to us there are a few things to check:
  1. Close browser and start with a fresh browser
  2. Check SpeedTest to ensure they have a good connection to the internet:
  3. Ensuring they can hit other websites quickly or if there is latency there as well

The following is a list of performance indicators that determine whether there is latency in the Computershare / SLS QBO System.  We are currently working on a way to get this into a single dashboard but at the moment we need to get the data from the following sources: 1,2 on CloudWatch/ Logic Monitor; 3 on ELB statistics; 4 on SLS Queuing Page; 5, 6 on SLSLoan Summary page

1) DB CPU > 98% sustained - should be on cloudwatch
2) WEB CPU > 98% sustained - should be on cloudwatch
3) ELB 504's > 10x average 504s over 1 day
4) Queuing: average item execution time > 3 seconds
5) SLSLoan/Sumary > 5 seconds
6) Any given panel in SLSLoan/Summary > 3 seconds

Forms - New Layout SLS.Standard

This ImportFormTemplate Layout includes:
Submit / Save / Cancel button.
  • Submit: Saves the form - Adds an ActualCompletion date and completes the form
  • Save: Pauses the form - Saves the data in the form but does not complete so the user can come back and do more work later
  • Cancel: Cancels out of the form - does not save the data on the form.  Allows the user to come back later to update the form
Tab Panel with extra information for the user:
  • Task Notes: Messages / Notes associated with the form
  • SLSLoan: SLSLoan Summary Screen
  • Documents: Documents associated with the Loan
  • SLSLoan Notes: Messages / Notes associated with the Loan
  • Ad-Hoc Data: ImportFileQueue information that was associated with launching the form
  • Forms: Other tasks / forms associated with the Loan