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RuleSet API

Set up
- Get your developer API - Free -  Limit of X uses per month.  If you want to go over that please enter your credit card into your account settings and pick a plan that suits your needs.
- Get your API End point 
Normally this will be as simple as https://api.quandis.com/2016-06-01  But if you wish to engage Quandis with customization request we will be happy to do so.

APIs at Quandis use HTTP Basic Authentication.  You will use your Account ID plus your auth token as the password for the HTTP Basic Authentication when calling the API.

Using RuleSets
Name it
Create Inputs Columns

Different Types we can accept as Input
  • String
  • Boolean
  • MinValue
  • MaxValue
  • MinDate
  • MaxDate
  • Number

Create Outputs
Different Types we can emit as Output
  • String
  • Boolean
  • MinValue
  • MaxValue
  • MinDate
  • MaxDate
  • Number
Output Data Types for consumption:
  • Json
  • Xml
Load rules or Load test Data with outputs
/2016-06-01/RuleSet/Train?Name=TestMatrix&DataSet={ Json Object }

That Json Object should look like:
{ MinX:5,MaxX:5,MinY:20,MaxY:20,Valid:False ;  MinX:33.810585,MaxX:33.814142,MinY:-117.922729,MaxY:-117.916120,Valid:True }

  • != : means does not equal to
  • =NULL : means it must be empty
  • ~= : means like so if the data after the operation is found "in" the rule then it will be a "hit"

List Rules
This will output all the data for the Ruleset

Display RuleSet in a grid
This will output a grid for the ruleset

Adjust Rules

Execute dataset against rules

Output  = { Valid:False }