Behavior: MatrixLookup


The MatrixLookup behavior sets a form element value based on a Matrix Lookup. For example, assume a Matrix named 'Consultant Rates':
ConsultantActivity Rate 
 DB Tuning 200.00 
 Project Management 175.00 Project Management 150.00 

From here, we can create a form containing a Consultant dropdown list, an Activity dropdown list, and a Rate text box:

  <select class="dimension" name="Consultant">...</select>
  <select class="dimension" name="Activity>...</select>
  <input name="Rate" data-behavior="MatrixLookup" data-matrixlookup-options="{{'matrix': 'Consultant Rates', 'measure': 'Rate', 'dimensions': '.dimension'}}"/>

As a user changes the Consultant or Activity dropdown lists, the Rate text box will automatically be adjusted to the proper value.

Behavior Options

  • matrix (String, required): name of the Matrix
  • measure (String, required): the output measure to use when setting the behavior element's value.
  • dimensions (String, defaults to '.dimensions'): a css selector that determines which form elements are to be passed to the Matrix/Lookup method
  • useSelectText (Boolean, defaults to true): if true, dropdown list dimensions will be based on the selected text, rather than the selected value
When the behavior is applied, each element returned by the options.dimensions css selector will have a change event handler added to it, causing a Matrix/Lookup AJAX call to be fired. The callback from this call sets the value of the behavior's element.