Manually Export then Import Matrix

When moving business objects between one environment and another, it's sometimes easier to export the object and import it rather than manually re-keying it.  Here is a quick tutorial on how to perform those tasks on a QBO3 Matrix (including MatrixDimensions, MatrixMeasures and MatrixFacts).

To export the source Matrix to XML
  1. Export the source Matrix using this REST command, be sure to update the {MatrixID} and system URL
    • https://{}/Application/Matrix.ashx/Export?ID={MatrixID}&ExcludeAccess=1
  2. Click FILE-SAVE and save the export as XML.  Do not copy and paste what you see in your browser window, it will not work.

To import the Matrix XML into destination environment
  1. Open the XML file in Notepad or Notepad++
    • Notepad++ has an available plugin that will properly format the XML for readability called 'XML Tools - Pretty Print')
  2. Copy and paste the XML between <ImportCollection> </ImportCollection> here:

Optional REST Commands
  • SubscriberURN={} This will append all <SubscriberID> nodes with a unique identifier preceded by the value you insert for {}.  If you plan to make changes to the source Matrix then deploy those changes to the destination Matrix, setting this SubscriberURN will help identify which environment was the original source of the Matrix.  Your QBO system is preconfigured with a default SubscriberURN.  This setting will override the default.
  • ExcludeAccess=1 (noted in above example) will remove all permissions for the source Matrix.  This will prevent the destination environment from attempting to import functional permissions.  You must adjust the destination Matrix permissions manually after import.