q-Services are a suite of services that enable businesses to implement advanced services quickly and cheaply.


q-Rules is a weighted matching rules engine that allows you to easily configure rules evaluate your data. Unlike 'decision tables' that required you to configure all possible permutations of the rules you are implementing, q-Rules allows you to weigh your inputs, enforce matching and non-matching criteria, and present multiple outcomes. 

Product pricing

Acme Appraisals, Inc. has a network of licensed broker that perform residential real estate appraisals around the country. They contract with banks to perform appraisals of pending mortgages, and have recently contracted with an NewCo Insurance company to appraise all properties NewCo are underwriting. A recent hurricane in Miami county has jacked up the price for their products for the next six weeks.  Their rules are:
  • Their list price for appraisals is $350, of which they pay the appraiser $325.
  • Several clients have contracts for discounted pricing; this pricing may vary by contract. 
  • NewCo has discounted pricing of $275 per appraisal; this 'beats' any client pricing scenarios.
  • Los Angeles and San Diego counties have a high demand, so they can charge more then their list price.
  • The hurricane in Miami has created a backlog; FEMA has authorized charging $425. NewCo has agreed to a $400 fee in Miami.
Product ClientUnderwriterCounty Client Price Broker Fee 
 Appraisal    350.00 325.00
 Appraisal  NewCo  275.00 250.00 
 Appraisal  Los Angeles, San Diego 375.00 340.00 
 Appraisal  Miami 425.00 375.00 
 Appraisal  NewCoMiami  400.00 375.00 
 Appraisal Client A   320.00 300.00
 Appraisal Client B   315.00 300.00
 Appraisal Client C   325.00 300.00

Regulatory Compliance

Loan underwriting

Product InvestorFICO MinimumDoc Type Max LTVLoan Amount Minimum
 30 YR Fixed Client A 600 Full Docs, Stated Docs 80.0 50000.00
 30 YR Fixed Jumbo Client A 700 Full Docs 80.00 314000.00
 30 YR Fixed A+ Client A 750 Full Docs 75.00 200000.00
 5/1 Quick Loan Client A 600Stated Docs 90 50000.00 
 15 YR Fixed Client B 500Full Docs 80 25000.00
 15/1 Variable Client B 500  70 300000.00
 7/1 Variable Client B 600  70 300000.00
 40 YR Fixed Client C 500  90 200000.00

Workflow paths

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