qbo.Attachment UNCFile IFileObject

In order to use the UNCFile.IFileObject two config rows need to be added, two accounts must be created as well as a shared folder on the target machine.

If we wanted to transfer files from LocalMachine to ( Remote Machine the following must be done:

1) On local Machine in the FileObject Config add the line below:
<FileObject Name="RemoteMachine" Type="qbo.Attachment.FileObjects.UNCFile, qbo.Attachment" Uri="//" Compression="false"/>

2) Also on the local machine create an account: qboApplication with a secure password.

3) On the local machine add to the Credential.Config the following:
<Credential UriPrefix="file://" AuthType="Basic" Username="qboApplication" Password="SecurePassword231" Domain="" />

On the remote Machine:
1) Create the same account: qboApplication with the same secure password.
2) Create a shared folder called Templates pointing to the location you want the files to go.